Thursday, September 16

Shoes part II

The Shoes and the monocle

Howdy Sweethearts--- LEOPARD Print is everywhere, I am a love sason in and season out of a good animal print, these boots are amazing in Next just £9!!! wooohooo!!! The last pair in my size, that my friend is known as fate!lol!!! They are my idea of Perfection, with a platform and a chunky heel you can not go wrong! amazing teamed with skinnies or tight, they just wow any outfit!!! ;)
And then there is my Black dolly platforms and i mean platforms! as model by my lovely sister, look at that heel,just stunning!!
and then on my lovelies to the greatest accessory ever, the Monocle our nod to the fabulous style icon Poirot!! love it!! Much love x

Wednesday, September 1

Wickham mill, Then the tea rooms!

Ok so, Wickham mill is the most awesome place on earth, full of brack'a'brac and antiques that means you can honestly spend hours in wonderment at the history! This globe was my fav, the way it lit up was beautiful, showing the energy of the earth!:)

This is one of the wicked fur jackets this particular one was from the 1940s, the structure and quality of workmenship is amazing!
And Lovelies, this is a stunning real fur trimmed cost from the 1950s which is Lady had just purchased for £45, the fit was amazing on her and the detailing is the perfect compliment to the coat!

This is a section of the mill and my sister delightfully modelling a vintage suitcase, which I think went perfectly with her outfit, the gorgeous demin dress with the chunky knit (both a dollar each in an LA thrift store) and a real italian leathe sachet ($10) , fitting with her granny-chic look amazingly, we are moving on from geek- chic totally!!!
YES GMTV geek chic was yesterday darlings its been around for ages, get with the times, we love it but its not new!!!!!
And finally sweetheart this was my look of the day,the main feature being my Bf v- neck sweater and tee, i love the little man badge!! :)
Much Love x

South Coast street style!

Hello ppl,
So I was out on my travels today and stopped a few ppl who caught my eye. The first Lovely is a gentlemen who was wear a beatles tee brought from the beatles store in London and a pair of shorts from TK maxx! I love the turn up shorts and the ability to pull off flip- flops, his styling is awesome with the hat, rayban's and gruff beard, and me being a huge beatles fan totally turned my head, rock and roll baby!
The second is an older lady in my hairdressers who wore the combo of orange sandal from new look with green nail vanish, which matched the skirt she was wearing, I loved her bravery witht the bold colours and matchy matchy styling, with the leggings underneath! Although not my style I love her individuality and se loved to stand out which is amaze :)
The Third peeps that caught my eye are 2 lovely ladies in the high st. the first girlie is wearing a cool dress from urban outfitters the green is stunning with her skin tone, and I think the make up is awesome with the hair piled on top, the second girls top is wearing a knit from topshop! Both team there outfits with vintage bags and chunky knitwear which is straight in line with the seasons trends, that are perfect for the autum's inbetween weather! wicked sweethearts :)
Much Love x