Wednesday, August 17

deciding the outfit, defo going for the hippie vibe today, so the topshop flares are a must, £10 in the sale, bargain, black top from a warehouse sale about 2yrs ago and DP wedges that i also brought 2yrs and below, the crop top is a is a dress from a thrift store, but originally from banana republic, that i sank in the wash so cut off! hahaha! :D i think the english weather means im going to go for the black low back top! ;)
but defo going for the wedges, these thighs need toning x x

Sunday, August 14

Tales mag- Pillman


Tales- mag, Lars Pillman


These images are stunning the skin tone acting as the monochrome against the black set background, the lengthening and the long lines of the body is amazing, with the strong make up, pulling you to the face, love the powerful sapphire eyes against the blood red lips! Lars Pillman genius x x x

Saab, need i say more!

Friday, August 12

Idol mag lastest shoot

gypxgdoj.jpglove this image, is so glam, the lighting is awesome, and i defo hav those black shoes, second from end! x x