Monday, October 17

3 Nights, 3 venues, 3 main events

crookes.jpgThe Crookes

Chapel Club

Sissy and the Blisters

3 nights, 3 venues, 3 main events

So my lovelies this week was band week, tuesday eve was a trip to Eastney cellars, not my fav place in the whole world, (weird vibe everytime I go in there) but what they do do is good music and tuesday was no different, 5 bands on display, with Sissy and the blisters topping the bill and the frontman too cool for school, or geeks who just found out their cool, but did make for a very interesting evening, totally off their faces, but the best ones normally are, defo worth a look up!!
and after braking own on the way back, (shouldn't have stopped at ken's fried chicken) I've spent the rest of the week working out the wonders of public transport :(

Anyway that leads nicely into Saturday where we saw Chapel Club at the Wedgewood rooms, again another awesome music venue, Bear Cavalry kicked off the show with an energetic performance, Elephant an electro group were up next, which is normally right up my street but the front woman would not stop playing with her hair!! annoying! completely distracting and everyone was over shadowed by the main event, starting the 2 play set with the new electro set and the crowd were hooked, moving into the second set which was classic chapel club the variety in the performance meant that there was a wide spectrum of peeps which i love to see and it was worth every penny of my £10.50, defo go see!! :)

And Finally my fav's the highlights of the week Sunday the Joiners live music venue in Southampton, yes we ventured on the train and what a journey but thats other story, I need all the space I can for my Crookes adventure, I've written about them before, since then Alex the lead guitar has quit, the original member so there was anticipation as to how they would live up to previous performances but they were amazing, love love love, personal highlight Chorus of fools, and Yes Yes we are magicians!! you guys need to see them, with front man George's silky vocals, Daniels fancy foot work and Russ on drums, these guys are staying around!! and thank goodness :)

Wednesday, August 17

deciding the outfit, defo going for the hippie vibe today, so the topshop flares are a must, £10 in the sale, bargain, black top from a warehouse sale about 2yrs ago and DP wedges that i also brought 2yrs and below, the crop top is a is a dress from a thrift store, but originally from banana republic, that i sank in the wash so cut off! hahaha! :D i think the english weather means im going to go for the black low back top! ;)
but defo going for the wedges, these thighs need toning x x

Sunday, August 14

Tales mag- Pillman


Tales- mag, Lars Pillman


These images are stunning the skin tone acting as the monochrome against the black set background, the lengthening and the long lines of the body is amazing, with the strong make up, pulling you to the face, love the powerful sapphire eyes against the blood red lips! Lars Pillman genius x x x

Saab, need i say more!

Friday, August 12

Idol mag lastest shoot

gypxgdoj.jpglove this image, is so glam, the lighting is awesome, and i defo hav those black shoes, second from end! x x

Saturday, June 18


Christopher Hitchens is a legend, a man with the ability to articulate his political, religious and general view on life, inspirational, he can turn an audience with literally genius! I have Much love for this man x


have to have!!!

Friday, June 17

Some Goodies from the clothes sale

A beautiful day i drove with my mother over to eastbourne where we went to a designers house as she was having a vintage clothes sale and here are some of my purchases! x:)

these wicked trouser which are from warehouse i think and then this lovely Mugler coat the puff sleeve details perfect which was £50! and my gorgeous dog george as the perfect accessory! lol!;) x

this top is amzing the gold silver and black with button detailing, so many buttons!;)
this dress is possible my fav of the items, the small checks on one side and the bigger ones on the other, its a size 18 but who cares when you can nip it in with this beautiful green suede belt, it means its the perfect lenght and at a £4 price mark!! bargain!!

leather skirt, in this powder blue! amazing i had to have it and at £20 it was a bargain!!

this gorgeous 1970s floral dress is stunning and at a mere £6 how could i say no!! :) hahaha! x x