Friday, June 15

2 Nights, 2 Venues, 2 Towns and a lot of fun! :)

This is a Country full of beautiful ppl!
I have spent an amazing couple of days surrounded
by awesome talented- it all started Tuesday night, with the gorgeous
Bianca in Southampton, at a little hide away venue called The Soul Cellar,
Where we saw King Charles

If you haven't heard of these you need to get on google right now and find the 
nearest gig near you!! his voice is as amazing as his hair,
surrounded by an awesome band, that all added to the theatrics of the eve!! :) 

Thank you JaZe for introducing me, the Album is now on repeat!!

Me were also playing and after many who's playing jokes- that really aren't funny 
till several drinks have been consumed were also playing, then it occurred to me that this band
was also going to be playing at Breakout in Camden the following night. This Australian Band
currently touring were an brilliant find and really awesome guys :) 

Which takes to Wednesday starting the day visiting Graduate Fashion week 
with Emily and Rian, checking the Competition, 
which was exceptional the talent coming through was unreal, 
(although you can defo see Ragged Priest has been a huge inspiration this year!!)
and I cannot wait to be there next year (bring on final year!! wooooo)

From GFW full of inspiration went to Camden to get ready for Breakout @Proud for
 another beautiful night of fresh live music, 
through amazing up and coming act.
 This was one of the best night, the event is wicked and 
defiantly is going to be put in my calendar...

This is Aiden Grimshaw Breaking out, defo Shedding the X factor Label with the gorgeous 
'This is Love'- he will do amazingly with the quality tracks he showcased, if this is what the album has to offer sign me up now, his ability to draw you into the song
makes this an act you do not want to miss!! This guy voice is as good live as on the Radio
 and his presence is felt all around as he translate himself to you!!
 I'm not sure if that make sense but when your there you'll know what I'm saying :)  

Not only Beautiful and talented singer, who co-wrote his up and coming album,
but also a really nice guy, happy to chat and have photos with everybody and honestly surrounded 
by girls all evening! hahahaha! :) 

 I did get my photo!! x 

check out Misty eyed- 12th August!! you can pre-order on itunes:)

Enjoy find a venue playing music, any sit, laugh, enjoy and take in the 
talent that surrounds us everyday!!

There is more to music in this country than what is in the charts,
we are one of the luckiest place in the world and there is a lot of 
negativity at the moment, with recessions and economic down turns,
 and these events that take place everyday across country and gives you a couple of hours
of just full on entertainment!! :) x x x

much love ppl! x x  

Friday, June 1

Black Milk

This is the amazing popular Black Milk, often seen donned 
by the lovelies on, as wells the like of Jessie J, 
who is a lover of the legging! I love how fun it is, I'm also a lover of the legging 
but I don't quite have the thigh to carry it off like these gals!!hahaha!
I'm working on it though!!
The prints are awesome
the story of how they came to be is brilliant, trust your instinct!!

Much Love ppl x x x :)