Sunday, February 26

Pucci Heaven! take it in and enjoy the PLEASURE!!

I know 2 posts today, but when I was flicking through and I came across Pucci collection it is Sex and I just had to share!! Dundas I LOVE YOU!! My highlights:

sheer fabric's, high slits, lower cuts, blush peaches, sweet blues, floating on black, with sharp tailoring, with peekaboo detaililng just beautiful!! :) ENJOY!!

No other words needed! :)

Tuesday, February 21

Acne Magazine

I love weird and wonderful magazines and this is beautiful. Acne is a biannual Swedish magazine that has a cool exterior about it, Each issue is created around a key topic- that covers a diversity audience the aim is to cross boundaries of age, race and religon. And Jonny Johansson (founder and editior has achieve the goal in producing this gem of a magazine (and you can see it online, Which is AMAZE)... much love ppl! x

Friday, February 17

Vice and wildfox ppl!!!!

We made the vice website:

Tuesday, February 14


So we drove down to Vegas yesterday, but first we went up to the valley of fire, which was so breathtaking, the spectrum of colours in the rocks and do as they say the best time to get there is about 1pm because you can see it for its vast beauty and you can walk and climb or just stand and admire :)

We hit rain and lighting which was just as amazing but also a little to close for comfort! Haha! ;)

So we checked in to the circus circus hotel on the strip and tonight we are helping out at the Wildfox- Vice magazine event! So I'll let you now how that goes tomorrow! Much love people x x

Monday, February 13

W hotel what!!!!!

So last night emz and I and a couple of girls we met at are hostel went out with one of their friends who lives in the hills, the view over looked Hollywood which was amaze! Then we went to the terrace club at the top called the Drais the place was beautiful swimming pool. And everything but I hate to generalise but the people we came across not So much although they looked beautiful the main topic was who's pay check is bigger and this really isn't are thing I'm not just an object to stand there and try and look pretty, I like to throw some shape and maybe chuck in a lunge or two!! Haha! And this really wasn't the ace for it already emz and I gave it a go! Lol! So although we are glad we experienced it, I don't we'll go out of are way to do it again x ;)

Sunday, February 12

Let's do some time travel

So my hostel makes me feel like I've taken a step back in time every time I walk through the doors, all I expect to happen is for rio to be playing and the mood would be set perfectly!!! Love it!!! We also had a beautiful day driving through Santa Monica state park and Malibu, utterly beautiful, much love ppl, hope you've had an awesome day x

Saturday, February 11

LA Art walk

Last night Emz and I went to the LA art walk and the atmosphere was amazing, if you are ever in LA on the 2nd Thursday you need to check this gig out. There is something for everyone and the diversity of the spectators is unreal.

Friday, February 10

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Wild experience;)

like I said yesterday I'm currently undertaking some work experience with Wildfox and it has been amazing, this is the free stuff we got to pick out for helping out and next week we are helping out down in Vegas at one of their show!! So excited, but I'll keep you posted on are travels!! X much love people :)x

Thursday, February 9

Lunch fun and work experience, also the delights of are hotels dorm! Ha ha x x

LA tiimes!!

My friend and I are currently in Los Angeles sweethearts, doing a random bit of work experience at WildFox (you need to google these guys, amaze!!!! x) and some sightseeing ill add some images shortly from are time so far people! enjoy x x

Saturday, February 4

My day of fun Art!! :)

This top piece is just a sample of my sketch book work can you see how the shoot developed :)

This is beautiful I'm just about to undertake a mini fashion movie for my course and I want to do a mini horror and this is exactly the type of costuming I envisions, on my may day celebrations scene, i'll share more with you about this as I progress!! :)
I want this for my Living room! My sister and I have be a lover of a mountain Tee for ever and this is the perfect image for one, we have meerkat, unicorn, fairies, tigers, wolves and cats to name but a few.....
I love a bit of random art work, this is was in Little Johnny Russell's a little place in Portsmouth! inspiring!!