Monday, February 13

W hotel what!!!!!

So last night emz and I and a couple of girls we met at are hostel went out with one of their friends who lives in the hills, the view over looked Hollywood which was amaze! Then we went to the terrace club at the top called the Drais the place was beautiful swimming pool. And everything but I hate to generalise but the people we came across not So much although they looked beautiful the main topic was who's pay check is bigger and this really isn't are thing I'm not just an object to stand there and try and look pretty, I like to throw some shape and maybe chuck in a lunge or two!! Haha! And this really wasn't the ace for it already emz and I gave it a go! Lol! So although we are glad we experienced it, I don't we'll go out of are way to do it again x ;)

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