Friday, March 22

Yeah And? Shoot II

Howdy all!!

Well deadline is coming all to soon, my uni life is going into its last
couple of months! This is some scary shit!! haha!
Anyway I've had a few pull my hair out moments recently
but I just need to remember what I wanted to create,
 Here is a shoot I did for my project.

These are just some of the images, I'll share the finals once 
I've put them together, in all there gloried grunge beauty! :)

The Model is the Beautiful Bianca and the clothes
were design and created my my gorgeous sister Jae-Zee, the T-shirt 
designed and created by me!! Hope you like the logo! :)

All the photos as usual are styled and photographed by me!!

Here I am as well cheekily getting in on the action, how beautiful is this
lady! she was just perfect for this shoot, I have much love for Bianca :)

as you all know I'm a huge lover of Black and white, but with this shoot 
I have tried to use a mixture!

what I always try to achieve with my images is real people,
I dont air brush, or photoshop! this is just capturing a beautiful
girl with a great figure, in awesome clothes!

And we are on to the T-shirt!!

As you can see the shoot took a number of different directions,
influenced by the clothes, but super happy with
how there turned out!! 

hope you Like! :)