Tuesday, February 22

westwood, again showing why she is the dame of british fashion, outfit after outfit of everyday style, i may even sport the smudge lipstick and a crown!hahaha! maybe only on a friday nite!;)

Van der Ham, amazing colour palette, seeing the orange and olive appearing all over, also loving the crush velvet fabric used through out the collect!:)

Alice temperley, produced the most stunning, exquisit and eye watering collection, with piece after piece of delictable evening wear, the peter pan dress, I WANT!! if only! that would be my dream wedding dress!:) x x x x

pilotto- revolution inspired collection very apt for todays climate, with the chain prints and layering, loving the blue tights against the black boots aswell x x the hair is amaze, it makes me want my side fringe back!

other highlights so far...

Koma, went polka dot crazy in a sophicated way (polka dot already seen in jacobs abd gray's NYC shows- inspired my Japanese artist yayoi kusama) as well as more contemporary prints the beautiful leather (again another stand out theme) over the soft nude fabric, amaze x x

Kane, always a love of mine, crochet, mixed with plastic, fun retro eat ur heart out!:p

Giles, inspired me with these stunning prints and flowing fabrics, producing a delicacy to the collection!

Fulton, was rather less to be desired, althou the fun of the lips reminded me of a surreal painting, especish the top where the lips are drinking out of the empire state building!:)

LFW continued...

Erdem you rock! a much dark take on the statement erdem style and i absolutely love it, i literally couls have put the whole show on here, a must see to lust over!:)

Burberry, Coatastic, loving the winter twist on the trench, with the fur trim shoulder, the nude and the orange beautiful palette, but i can already see the new look brigade decked out in some of the over styles!

berardi, was such a disappointment for me! tear!!:(
the signature piece in green organza was my only real highlight!

LFW fall 2011 loves!:) so far that is ;)

Basso & Brooke, the earther, watercolour prints i can see perfectly with a gorgeous boyfriend chunky knit cardi to stop my winter blues!:)

Acne, the colour palette and the mix of leather and fabric's beautiful, this dusty pink stunning, especish with the floaty pant against the structure, disco tech leather!:)

Wednesday, February 16

The Crookes Performing 'Yes, Yes, We're Magicians' @ Sheffield's Legenda...

Amazing The Crookes, make me need to share, cant wait to see them in April x :) Just beautiful


My gorgeous, gorgeous friend the beautiful Maris won tickets for the BAFTA's crazy right!! hahaha! anyway who does she call upon to dress her other than me of course! (styling people for the bafta's signs of things to come, me thinks!!lol!;) i had the perfect dress as you can see, (A bargain from Jane norman of all place, normally i want to take a pair of scissors to the stuff in that place, but they kept it simple with this dress with beautiful results) that colour tone on her is amazing, worn with a leopard print in a gold/ silvery/ black thread jacket, that i purchase a few years ago! Maris you gave the celebs a run for there money, on the red carpet!:) much love x

Sunday, February 13

today im wearing! :)

this is my outfit today, even thou the weather is awful i brighten myself up with this gorgeous vintage jacket that was purchased from a thrift store in LA!! :) x woren with a plain black shirt from H&M that i bought way to big for me so i could wear it as a dress and my clarks ( the comformiest shoes ever, thanks Jaze) perfect for a stroll round Guilford shopping and a spot of lunch! i did manage to purchase a pair of brand new kurt geigers loafers for £7, amaze! the pic will follow!!:0

Tuesday, February 8

Burberry Acoustic - 'Alleyway' by Life in Film

i heart burberry acoustic especish these guys, but itsan awesome way of checking out unsigned talented music!! x :)

landgirls baby!! the other side of the 40s!!

i dont know why some of the images have turned on there side!! it sort of works with the other one, not so much with these! hahaha! :) i wanted to take the usually route with my historical shoot and so used the girlis on the farm, the grafter while the men were at war, love the interact between the two models!! x x great girls xx

40s fun shoot! :) wen the cats away! ;)

Its been far to long!!
im bringing my love back, this is a shoot i did recently, its in two parts and i think you can see the fun we had doing the shoot and the familar faces! hope you like, much love sweethearts! :)