Friday, June 17

Some Goodies from the clothes sale

A beautiful day i drove with my mother over to eastbourne where we went to a designers house as she was having a vintage clothes sale and here are some of my purchases! x:)

these wicked trouser which are from warehouse i think and then this lovely Mugler coat the puff sleeve details perfect which was £50! and my gorgeous dog george as the perfect accessory! lol!;) x

this top is amzing the gold silver and black with button detailing, so many buttons!;)
this dress is possible my fav of the items, the small checks on one side and the bigger ones on the other, its a size 18 but who cares when you can nip it in with this beautiful green suede belt, it means its the perfect lenght and at a £4 price mark!! bargain!!

leather skirt, in this powder blue! amazing i had to have it and at £20 it was a bargain!!

this gorgeous 1970s floral dress is stunning and at a mere £6 how could i say no!! :) hahaha! x x

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