Thursday, November 22

The Face

I'm currently trying to write my dissertation, but as you can see I'm easily distracted 
I spent a lot of time on the library surrounded by magazines,
 looking through the old issue of The Face, I wish it was still around!

90s magazines and Kurt Cobain my two favourite things,
love the mix of typography and colours! 
and I don't know a single other man that could pull off a floral dress, but this man can!!

I recently interviewed a stylist from this music event in the 90s, it 
was incredible to hear her stories of the time, being in Seattle at this time, if only I had a 
time machine!

Then there was the Smiths..

My Favourite style photography, natural and casual, real and understated
but just pops and says all you want to say, and the beautiful Moss!

This is one of my favourite front covers, Oldman looks amazing and
the black and white off set with the colour type is awesome,
I need this font in my life!!

You need to too look up this shoot it is amazing- she is 
stunning, this image is incredible! I needed to share,
I hope you enjoy as much as I do! 
although there is nothing like the feel of the paper

much love x x 

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  1. Hey you guys! Hope the dissertations going well Pe-Jae, kinda inspired to do mine on the 90s after this post :) Nominated you for a little blog award thing, you can do a reply post thing but it took me a while! Either way you should get some people looking :) Much love xxx