Thursday, May 9

Creative Reminiscing!!

Well hello there!

It has been one hell of a day for me today, on my way up to good
old London town I shut the front door to remember my keys and 
phone are on the inside. Anyway I'm indoors now, safe and well, back
reunited with my Berry.

My FMP is finally handed in, hooray! But lets not celebrate too
soon, now I have a mountain of portfolio work to get through. One awesome
thing about this though is going back through all my old stuff
remembering each deadline and what I created.

I thought I would share some of these random images from my 
sketchbooks with you, hopefully you'll want to get the spray paints
out or to start cutting and sticking, everyone loves a collage!!

We all know how much I love spray paint and I'm sure I've shown you
my logo image before. This is just me spraying a cut out I had, but I really
like how they have turned out so might use these for my portfolio.

Practicing the photoshop skills, illustrating some of the image to create this
cut out effect, I did actually cut it out and lined it up, then all the make up was
added with Photoshop later, I love how this turned out. This was 
during the time I had a thing for purple lipstick, although I don't think that ever
went away.

This is part of my first ever project at Uni, a branding project
I love the tracing paper- we all know my obsession with paper, well here I've
mixed illustration, stencilling, and spray.

Amazing how cool your hand can look when you
photocopy it, yes this is my hand! :) I did get some strange looks in the 
library doing this.

Collage, I love layering Images.

I didn't take this image, its of the beautiful Rosie, but I did Black and white it, 
added the shadows, if that's even a thing and then added the illustration
hand prints and faces, I love how it looks. I put this design on a t-shirt.

T- shirt time, all designs created by me and yes I created the hangers first, 
then put T-shirts on afterwards, I'll show you my
3D store next!! 


Here are some of the original layouts from my zines
created for my concept store. Fashion, Music, Art!

My Logos created on photoshop!

An illustration I did with ink, just added the purple
yeah and? after!

Hope you like, much love :)

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