Thursday, April 19

Just a couple of cheeky CHAZ shop purchases and ALOT OF PHOTOBOOTH FUN! ;)

THIS gorgeous 90s chic yellow dress modelled by my beauts of a 
sister cost a mere £4.99 in BARNARDOS, the clog boots
however were £40 in DUNE (the next week they went down too £20,
its still a sore subject, although originally £110.
Necklace Forever 21 $4.95 (LA baby!!).

I think It's time for a mid- afternoon snack

My turn to model todays look, Shirt FREE, I may have borrowed and 
just never returned, RED Booties just 99p SUE RYDER, and the 
Dress although I hate to admit it is New Look £7. Peace Necklace 5 euro 
bought in a little shop in Rome.

Leap frog time, try not to hit the computer!!

Or shall I just cut your hair now!! (by the way the pink in my
sis hair is an awesome SUPERDRUG own spray!! :)

Much Love ppl!! :) x 

1 comment:

  1. yes you ! the shirt is def borrowed and neva returned --it's MINE !!!! and i stole it frm Robin haha!!!