Tuesday, April 3

More 90s Lovin'

Hey ppl, 
I know more 90s but I'm obsessed, this is an exhibition covering the huge 
influence the decade had over fashion, completely changing the game, the mixing and
 experimenting that took place was out of this world and changed fashion imagery to the raw, 
pure, documentary style.
This wasn't about models and great locations, high colour and high budgets, 
this was about taking a photo of your friend, in their own environment with you had. 

As Sophie von Olfers explains: 
“From 1990-95 the aesthetic was very pure and poor. No one was creating very over-produced imagery; instead people were looking at their surroundings like their friends, the street and the local neighborhood. This photography is often coined as ‘grunge’ – but I’m not a big fan of that term. I think it’s more of a kind of realness.”  Grunge is a reductive term that fails to describe the complex relationship between fashion and the body during this period.” The Curator speaking to Dazed Digital.
Much Love x :)


  1. The book of the exhibition is a total must have, the photography is amazing! :)

  2. Juergen Teller is such a genius .